Fee Schedule

First Apt 60 min = $85 + hst

Massage 90 min =  $145 + hst

Massage 75 min =  $130 + hst

Massage 60 min =  $100 + hst 

Massage 45 min =  $80 + hst

Massage 30 min =  $60 + hst

Massage Gun Therapy

Massage Guns can be the solition for your chonic aches and pains, as this technique is able to reach deeper mucular structures that are often inaccessable during more traditional massage techniques. This deeply relaxing therapy can be incoperated into a massage or done as a stand alone treatment during which you can remain clothed. Not just for athletes, massage gun therapy is a wonderful addition to ANY massage treatment plan!

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Rehabilitation Therapy

This treatment consists of rehabilitation exercise training prior to your massage. Exercise programs are developed to address any muscular imbalances that are causing dysfunction or pain.

This rehabilitation program is the ultimate solution to eradicating pain and preventing injury.  Your Massage Therapist can provide you with additional infromation regarding our Rehabilitation Program at your next appointment

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Registered Massage Therapy

The goal of Massage is to alleviate pain and dysfunction within the soft tissues and joints of the body while stimulating the powerfully healing parasympathetic "rest and digest" system through rhythmic motion. A patient can expect to experience relaxation alongside some mild discomfort as their therapist works within deeper structures of the body. Treatment massage can include deeper massage techniques such as fascial scraping and fascial manipulation, cupping, stretching, muscle release techniques as well as deeper petrissage. Alternatively Relaxation Massage traditionally uses lighter pressure and gentler techniques in order to obtain the greatest healing impact via the parasympathetic response. Your Massage treatment is tailored to each individual and it is important to discuss your goals of either treatment or relaxation (or both!) prior to each appointment in order for you to get the most out of your treatment.



Cupping is used to treat pain, improve scar tissue, alleviate fascial restrictions, reduce swelling and help remove knots within muscles. During a treatment plastic cups are attached to the body by creating suction via a hand pump. The skin and underlying tissue is drawn up into the cups which are then either left in place or gently dragged across the skin. Your Massage Therapist may also use range of motion or stretching techniques while the cups are applied in order to achieve more effective results. The process of cupping causes surface capillaries to break leaving a mark on the skin that is essentially the same as a hickey. These red to purple marks can last from a few hours to a few days and can be slightly tender. Cupping can be done either as a stand-alone treatment or incorporated into a massage.


Indie Head Massage

Indie head massage focuses on the muscles and connective tissue of the face, neck, scalp, upper back and shoulders. This relaxing treatment has a balancing effect on the central nervous system and is based on the Ayurvedic healing systems that incorporate the use of therapeutic essential oils. Traditionally Indie head massage is used to treat migraines, tension headaches, sinus infections, inflammation and anxiety and is a wonderful treatment to promote relaxation while effectively easing muscular tension.